Duration: 4 – 5 weeks

Max depth: none

Requirement: Advance Freediver Course or equivalent

Includes: water & snacks, photos & videos, online access to class material, insurance, certification

Excludes: equipment (rental available)

Price: varies

Weeks 1 – 4

Theory Session

Tailored to each Master student, these sessions will include dry training and multiple workshops.


  • Equalization clinic
  • Safety and Rescue clinic
  • Monofin clinic
  • Static Apnea clinic
  • Dynamics clinic
  • Apnea walks
  • Tables

Water Session

Master students will train the various disciplines of freediving under the guidance of the Master instructor. The focus of the sessions are on perfecting techniques and reaching new depths/time.


  • CWT
  • FIM
  • CNF
  • DYN
  • DNF
  • STA

Master students will also assist the Master Instructor during courses of all levels and participate in expeditions