Duration: 3 days

Max depth: 35 meters

Requirement: Freediver Course or equivalent

Includes: equipment rental, water & snacks, photos & videos, online access to class material, insurance, diploma

Price: 400 €

Day 1 (Static Day)

Theory Session

  • Mammalian dive reflex
  • Preparation for static apnea
  • Specific breathing technique for static apnea, pool and dry training
  • Breath-hold exercises
  • Relaxation, mind and body control techniques
  • Training routine for increasing breath-hold capabilities

Water Session

  • Body position and relaxation
  • Preparation for a maximum breath-hold
  • Maximum static apnea attempts
  • Minimum 3 minutes breath-hold
  • Safety procedures and practice

Day 2

Theory Session

  • Advanced 4-section breathing technique
  • Pre-dive breathing pattern
  • “Negative Pressure Static Apnea” (N.P.S.A.)
  • Benefits and techniques of ‘Exhale Dives’
  • Body adaptation to great pressure

Water Session

  • Preparation with N.P.S.A.
  • Specific breathing for exhale diving
  • Exhale dives with a maximum depth of 25 metres
  • Practice of equalisation technique
  • Body relaxation and energy efficiency in the water
  • Full lung dives with a maximum depth of 25 metres

Day 3

Theory Session

  • Review of exhale dives done on Day 2
  • Stages and preparation for a deep dive
  • Visualisation
  • Thoracic stretches
  • Lung capacity increasing exercises
  • Deep equalisation techniques

Water Session

  • Stretching and breathing exercises on the boat or shore
  • Full preparation for a deep dive
  • Practice of safety/buddy system
  • Body positioning during free fall
  • Full lung dives with a maximum depth of 35 metres