We are proud to bring you Freedive Mallorca, a school built on the love of Freediving and the ocean. Come experience with us your body’s potential and unlock the door to a whole new underwater world.

At Freedive Mallorca, we teach freediving in accordance with the Apnea Total and Molchanovs freediving education systems, combining the best organizations worldwide. The core values of this education systems focus on individual experience in the water with an emphasis on safety procedures.

We do not have exams or depth requirements, creating a low stress learning environment, enabling students to flourish as freedivers. Each student is taught on an individual and personalized level.

During your course there will be no more than three students per instructor, contributing to an intimate learning environment. In the water our instructors accompany each student during their dive to increase confidence in their new skills and ensure everyone’s safety in the water.

Whether this is your first time freediving or you simply want to improve on a set of skills or performance, Freedive • Mallorca will ensure that you reach your goals in a fun and safe environment.